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Silverstate Forensic, Expert Witnesses in Nevada

A Full Service, Expert Witness Company

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About Us

​​Silverstate Forensic is a Las Vegas based expert witness company that has been in operation since 2002. We can help you find an expert witness in medical, construction defect, engineering, security related cases, and many more. ​​We maintain our own directory of expert witnesses and serve ​both defense and plaintiff cases for law firms, insurance companies, businesses, and government agencies.

Our medical experts are board-certified practitioners in active practice. The expert witnesses on our panel are primarily based in Nevada, California, and Arizona.

Join Our Panel

​If you’re interested in joining our expert witness panel, please complete the "Contact Us​" form. Please provide us wi​​​th your current curriculum vitae, fee schedule and deposition or trial testimony history.​

At Silverstate Forensic there are no membership fees in order to be part of our panel. We handle all the marketing of our experts to new and existing clients.

​​​​When new referrals come in, we handle all the administration duties and billing, so our experts can focus on their new case.​


Full Service

We believe in our strong custo​mer service and will assist you throughout the entire expert witness process. At Silverstate Forensic we will not simply refer candidates to you. It is our mission to work closely with our clients and find the right expert witness. We maintain our own directory of expert witnesses. If we do not have the specific expert you are looking for in our directory of experts, we will use our resources to find the right expert witness that will meet your needs exactly.

By using Silverstate Forensic, our clients save valuable time. We handle administrative and billing duties at no charge. This ensures that your expert has everything they need as soon as they have been retained by your company.


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If you don'​​t see the specialty you are looking for,
please contact us and we will find an expert witness for you.

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Discover why top law firms choose us to find ​expert witnesses.​

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